Thursday, July 1, 2010

Insurance for Bounty Hunting

Need Insurance for Bounty Hunting?
Hello Billy Wells,

This is an online email for
United States Professional Bail Bond Investigators Association

Bail Enforcement

Specialty Protection for Individuals in the Bail Enforcement Industry

At Evolution Insurance Brokers we customize an insurance policy to offer complete protection for your unique business. Whether you run a referral service or you are involved in the actual capture of a fugitive we will customize a policy to fit your needs.

Classes Coverages
œ Bail Enforcement Agents œ General Liability
œ Private Investigators œ Wrongful Acts
œ Bounty Hunters œ Weapons Coverage
œ Sub-Contractors œ Assault and Battery
œ Referral Agencies œ Abuse and Molestation

Personal Liability Protection
Wrongful Seizure?
Bail Enforcement Protection

We at Evolution Insurance Brokers have provided coverage for what other companies consider to be high risk insureds for nearly 30 years. We customize our policies to make sure that you receive exactly what protection you need at a premium you can afford. We offer general liability and wrongful acts coverage to protect your business, then we offer specialty protection to make sure you receive all the coverage you need, and lastly we offer personal liability coverage to protect yourself and your employees against civil law suits.

Feel free to contact me at (801) 304-5581 for any insurance questions or needs.


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