Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How do you spell "Stu" and "pid" ?

Bounty Hunter Now Fugitive Himself; Wanted For Kidnapping
News On 6
He said McAdoo claimed to be a bounty hunter and said Mure was wanted by police. Biggers says he's been hot on McAdoo's trail for quite some time. A YouTube video shows McAdoo approaching someone who jumped bail. A Tulsa bounty hunter is on the Tulsa ...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Overseas Contact for Bounty Hunting


I am a retired U.S. Federal Agent who is now residing in the Philippines. After my sting with the U.S. Law Enforcement, I came back to the Philippines and oversee my security, investigative and VIP Protection Company (United Security Logistics, Inc.) Besides my security contracts in the Philippines, I also have contracts from various Private Investigators, Law Firms and Federal and Local Law Enforcement Agencies in the U.S. Japan and Guam.

Added to our services is our fugitive tracking/skip tracing services, in which we were responsible in returning various fugitives in the U.S. who are wanted for child molestation, paedophile, hit and run, child pornography, drugs, etc. Had located U.S. fugitives in Guam and here in the Philippines. Had done 1305g forms and extradition cases were we have to sent fugitives back to the U.S.

We can be partners in locating your fugitive clients in this country. I can be contacted through my email or my cell phone number 63906-279-2578.

My U.S. partner Doug Creer can also be contact at the below numbers should you want to discuss partnerships.

Office: 714-927-7106
Mobile: 909-630-1476 
Int'l Mobile  (011) (63-909-229-3926)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oklahoma to get Bounty Hunter's Law

Calls for bounty hunting regulation in Oklahoma after Tulsa woman's door kicked-in
A bondsmen has rights under Title 59 of the Oklahoma state statutes to arrest or return a defendant to custody that he has out on bond but the bounty hunter doesn't honestly exist in Oklahoma,” says Rusty Roberts, a Tulsa bail bondsman.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Searching a house could cost you $100K !!!!

Bail Bondsman Had No Right to Search & Scare
Courthouse News Service
By DAN MCCUE (CN) - A disabled South Carolina woman who was terrorized by a bail bondsman in search of a fugitive can collect $100000, the 4th Circuit ruled. Shirley Gregg, a resident of Sumter County, SC, was asleep in her bed when bail bondsman Jon ...