Friday, March 30, 2012

Getting Creative...Wanted Posters? Nothing new!

Bondsmen getting creative to catch bail jumpers
KXXV News Channel 25
When Michael Gutierrez skipped his court date he cost bondsman Terry Chapman $43000. "He's so bad, he needs to be off the streets," said Terry Chapman of Chapman's Bail Bonds. Covering the bonds of bail jumpers like Gutierrez is a risk bondsmen take, ...

Monday, March 26, 2012

TV Producer looking for help


I'm a television producer working out of New York and I'm currently executive producing a reality series about bounty hunters. I'm actually emailing to see if you may have any referrals or ideas for our casting. I've already found our main talent and what I'm looking for is an expert bounty hunter who would be a candidate to train some novice hunters on the field. Ideally, I'm looking for someone physically intimidating with a big personality that is comfortable on camera. This is a nation wide search and we would love to interview any interested candidates. Of course if they are involved in your school we could offer lots of free press and show some of your facilities each week. The trainer would be involved as co-starring talent and this would be a consistent role for the duration of season one. Would love to hear your thoughts. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Theresa Bennett

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Close Call!

Valdosta woman shoots at bail bondsman
By Ryan Houston - bio | email According to police reports, 22-year-old Brittany Mcfarland shot at the agent and missed. The recovery agent was burned on the finger by one of the bullets but is okay. The agent says he tried to take Mcfarland into ...

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Here we go again...will we never learn?

WANTED: Kennewick bounty hunter sought for impersonating police
Bellingham Herald
Kennewick - A bounty hunter is being sought for allegedly impersonating police and holding a victim at gunpoint while looking for a fugitive. Kennewick police and Tri-Cities Crime Stoppers are looking for Scott Lawrence Gribble, 46. He's 6-foot-2, ...

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Hunter becomes the hunted!

Unlicensed bounty hunters indicted in shooting
(AP) - Two would-be bounty hunters have been indicted in the Oct. 4 shooting of a Baton Rouge woman during a search for a fugitive. On Thursday, an East Baton Rouge Parish grand jury charged Demarcus Johntrel McKnight with one count each of aggravated ...