Monday, August 16, 2010

Fellow Hunter in Need


Since 1999, I have been a USPBIA Member and we have talked numerous times on the phone and online, I have referred to you MANY members. This year was first year I have not paid my dues as I really cant afford it.

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I need your help, please get my story out there, I need brain surgery and cant afford it and am trying to raise the money for it let me know if you will help

Kelly Cresswell

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bounty hunters might be in trouble

A local production company was hired to follow bounty hunters in their search for people who skipped bail in Middle Tennessee. However, one of the cameramen claims what they witnessed while taping the reality show shocked him.

After three weeks on the job, A&A Digital Productions said they witnessed excessive force by bail jumpers.

Tony Michello of the company was hired by two bail bonding companies to document bounty hunters apprehending bail jumpers.

"It started out pretty simple, go out, no one puts up a fight, handcuff them," said Michello.

Michello said as the weeks went by more excessive force was being used to apprehend bail jumpers.

"Somewhere along the line, something twisted, and the heat started to turn up," said Michello.

As Michello's camera rolled, he said he caught bondsmen kicking a man who skipped bail on charges of reckless driving.

"They didn't identify themselves as bondsmen. When they opened the door, they forced their way in. I was amazed that they could even do such a thing, that somebody wanted for a non-violent crime would be treated like that by any bondsman is amazing," said Michello.

Michello told Channel 4 News the final straw was when a bondsman identified himself as a federal agent to a woman whose boyfriend was wanted on a warrant.

"Yes, he did misrepresent himself to her that was a federal agent. That was it for me, I knew he was breaking the law. That was the last footage we shot for them," said Michello.

Rutherford County Sheriff's detectives have viewed the raw footage, since some of the incidents occurred in Rutherford County.

According to Michello, detectives are looking to see if any laws have been broken.